Please make it easy for us to read your submission, and use a straightforward easy to read font double spaced in 12-14 point. Deaf writers may submit by video in BSL. 


This information  will help you to get accepted:

We will not under any circumstances publish erotica, and we aren’t keen on horror of any kind, gore or torture. 

We detest sexist and other stereotypes and deplore derivative plotlines, sloppy writing and clichés, and are bored by romance and chick-lit.

If your writing is motivated by hate of any kind you won't get considered.

Other than that we will consider most genres provided they are beautifully written, imaginative, and have narrative substance and persuasive characterisation

Thank you!

Our Usual Criteria...

Stories and poems, (We don't publish memoir, or other kinds of non-fiction ) must be:

All your own work


Written in English

up to 2000 words long unless otherwise specified in a particular call out

Music (Where requested): original or traditional - i.e. YOUR copyright or out of copyright,

Our October 2023 Anthology is aimed firmly at older women, lesbians and  women from the global majority. Our theme is the menopause, and we want  your stories, flash and poems that go waaay beyond the empty nest and feelings  of sexual redundancy. Tell us something we don't know, go wild  and magnificent...tell us about surgically induced menopause, unexpected  benefits, the freedom of not bleeding... whatever genre you want (within our guidelines), but surprise us. Give us great titles to play with too - you might end up naming the whole anthology.

We are giving you a spectacularly long run in on this one, because we want it to be truly amazing and we are planning some writing workshops, run jointly by editors Cherry Potts and Catherine Pestano, to explore possible themes (as soon as the funding is in place). Keep an eye on our website for news from around the end of May 2022.

*We do not publish Memoir or other forms of non-fiction.

*We do not publish, and do not want to read: erotica, horror, romance or anything that objectifies, or demeans, or encourages hatred of any group.

Arachne Press has a number of projects coming up for which we need cover artists. The first is due for publication in November, and our first choice artist has had to pull out due to illness, so we are in a hurry for this one.

Routes is a collection of poems charting the journeys (physical, emotional and political) of her grandparents, from India, Kenya and Uganda to arrive in the UK 50 years ago.  For this project you will ideally be part of the South Asian community, and we are attracted by the idea of the cover taking inspiration from traditional Indian art, but are open to your interpretation. The author is keen on the idea of a banyan tree or pomegranates featuring, but again we are open to your ideas.

We will provide a full brief on request. 

We are also open to licencing existing original artwork (provided it hasn’t been used for a book cover elsewhere).

We can offer a commission/licence fee of £250. (We are a small independent press, and our initial print run is only 250 copies) An additional incentive is that we are arranging an exhibition of our cover art in London in January.

If you are interested in supplying the cover art for other books coming up next year – get in touch with samples of your work and if we like your style, we will send you information about potential titles to help guide you.

Take a look at our existing artwork

We are keen to see work from artists working in all kinds of media - oils, print, collage, paper cut, we have even worked with artists who makes papier maché models/miniature sets and then photograph them. We are not interested sexist or other derogatory images, horror or erotica, and we are bored by clichés and predictability. If you are using photographs, they MUST be your own, and not feature the work of others without their express permission.

Final work delivered by the beginning of December will be included in the exhibition.

Please provide a brief biography and links to your portfolio.

If you are applying for our urgent project, please upload samples of your work that you think fit the brief.

Arachne Press Limited