Ends on January 8, 2020

Next August (8th Month) is Arachne Press's 8th anniversary. We are preparing an eight-legged arachnid inspired anthology.

Stories and Poems featuring spiders.

I'm going to make it difficult for you - NO spiders to be killed (except possibly whilst heroically defending...) This is not a venue for spiderhaters to vent their angst.

Think Charlotte's Web or Leese Webster for adults, Spider as hero, not spider as villan.

Length: Stories: shorter the better, but for something exceptional we'd push the boat out. ABSOLUTE max @3-4000 words. Poems: whatever works for you. Eight lines? Sixty four lines?  Concrete poems? Invent a new arachnid form!

Experimental: yes, if you want to play around with the eight idea, we're open to playing along, especially in poems.

Genres: Spider fantasy, spider whodunnit, spider romance, spiders in space (why not?) Open to most things with the exception of the following: Avoid twee, please. NO EROTICA. NO HORROR. NO GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE NO SEXISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA... you know the drill. We mean it so just don't do it. We'll put you on a list if you do, and send the spiders to get you.

Number of submissions. You've got more than one spider poem/story? wow. ok. Please upload as a separate submission not multiple files in one submission. It makes it easier for us to keep track. (Thanks!)

Reprints: We much prefer original work, but will consider magazine reprints. If it's in a book, then no, unless it's out of print and you retain the copyright. So check first, and make it clear it is a reprint and where it was before, and when.

Royalties: once we've recouped the cost of printing (we live hand to mouth here) your share of 8% royalty on all books sold full price, so the more contributors, the further that 8% is stretched. at least 1 free copy of the book and discounted author price to buy further copies.