Please make it easy for us to read your submission, and use a straightforward easy to read font double spaced in 12-14 point. Deaf writers may submit by video in BSL. Blind writers may submit audio files.

Stories and poems, (We don't publish memoir, or other kinds of non-fiction ) must be:
All your own work
Written in English
up to 2000 words long unless otherwise specified in a particular call out
Unpublished except for The Story Sessions
(Where requested) original or traditional - i.e. YOUR copyright or out of copyright,

This information  will help you to get accepted:

We will not under any circumstances publish erotica, and we aren’t keen on horror of any kind, gore or torture.  We detest sexist stereotypes and deplore derivative plotlines, sloppy writing and clichés, and are bored by romance and chick-lit. Other than that we will consider most genres provided they are beautifully written, imaginative, and have narrative substance and persuasive characterisation
Thank you.

Next August (8th Month) is Arachne Press's 8th anniversary. We are preparing an eight-legged arachnid inspired anthology.

Stories and Poems featuring spiders.

I'm going to make it difficult for you - NO spiders to be killed (except possibly whilst heroically defending...) This is not a venue for spiderhaters to vent their angst.

Think Charlotte's Web or Leese Webster for adults, Spider as hero, not spider as villan.

Length: Stories: shorter the better, but for something exceptional we'd push the boat out. ABSOLUTE max @3-4000 words. Poems: whatever works for you. Eight lines? Sixty four lines?  Concrete poems? Invent a new arachnid form!

Experimental: yes, if you want to play around with the eight idea, we're open to playing along, especially in poems.

Genres: Spider fantasy, spider whodunnit, spider romance, spiders in space (why not?) Open to most things with the exception of the following: Avoid twee, please. NO EROTICA. NO HORROR. NO GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE NO SEXISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA... you know the drill. We mean it so just don't do it. We'll put you on a list if you do, and send the spiders to get you.

Number of submissions. You've got more than one spider poem/story? wow. ok. Please upload as a separate submission not multiple files in one submission. It makes it easier for us to keep track. (Thanks!)

Reprints: We much prefer original work, but will consider magazine reprints. If it's in a book, then no, unless it's out of print and you retain the copyright. So check first, and make it clear it is a reprint and where it was before, and when.

Royalties: once we've recouped the cost of printing (we live hand to mouth here) your share of 8% royalty on all books sold full price, so the more contributors, the further that 8% is stretched. at least 1 free copy of the book and discounted author price to buy further copies.

Up to 2000 words. £20 per 500 words. critique from Arachne Press editor Cherry Potts.

Fiction or poetry. No erotica, religion or horror. No sexism, racism or homophobia.  I don't want to read it, you can't pay me to read it! please send as doc/ docx or rtf - purely because pdfs make it difficult for you to read any inline comments. This service will only be available in relatively quiet times for Arachne when we don't have an active call out.

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